How to Build Muscle Fast: Importance of Water & Staying Hydrated To Build Muscle

Importance of Water & Staying Hydrated To Build Muscle

Not getting enough water will definitely hinder your muscle gains.

Your body and muscles is approximately 75%!!! So it should come to no surprise that you need to stay hydrated to build muscle.

5 IMPORTANT reasons why water is critical to your bodybuilding GOALS

(1) Maximum Strength. Hydration means best possible strength. Strength can decrease by as much as 15% with a decrease in optimum hydration levels of only 3%!

(2) Energy levels. If you are not hydrated you will be tired and lethargic in the gym. This will kill your results! SO DON’T BE DEHYDRATED!!

(3) Digestion. Your body needs water for the digestive process. You want those muscle-building nutrients from your foods to be shuttled to their destination quickly and efficiently. Without proper hydration this is not possible.

(4) Water is the main ingredient in the makeup of the fluids that lubricate your joints. When your body is taking a pounding in the gym you need to keep your joints well-lubricated to steer clear of injury.

(5) Improved Effectiveness of Creatine Monohydrate. If you are supplementing with creatine you must stay hydrated to maximize the effectiveness of this supplement. Creatine draws water into the muscle tissue which increases the size of the muscle as well as increasing glycogen storage. This means you should take into consideration this fact so you should consume more water than usual for maximum gains.

So How much water do I need to build Muscle?

 Here’s a good rule to adhere to
Body weight (lbs) X 0.6 = Water Intake in ounces
So a 200 lb man needs 120 ounces of water daily. That’s just under a gallon.
So, if you want to build muscle mass fast, don’t forget the importance of water!

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